The Blank Tape Spillage Fete is an ongoing project of art and music conceived in 2005 by Mat Fowler and Matt Hunt focusing on the creation and perpetuation of a small DIY series of exhibitions, related events and limited releases.

The main objective of the exhibition project remains simple: we invite musicians making art - and artists making music - to compile and create their own musical/sound material and record it onto a cassette tape.

We then also ask them to produce the artwork to accompany their cassettes. The brief is always left intentionally open to interpretation so as to ensure the artwork submitted goes a long way beyond the idea of a hand-scribbled, factory-standard card insert.

The sounds produced are similarly eclectic; the project encourages participants to explore different styles and approaches perhaps not usually inherent in their current music/art/music-making practice.

All contributions to the Blank Tape Spillage Fete ultimately form the content of an exhibition, where visitors can listen to the cassettes at individual listening posts whilst also being able to view the artwork.

The first Blank Tape Spillage Fete took place at Cecil Sharp House in August 2006. The second in April 2009. Both exhibitions culminated in a evening of performances at the venue by selected participants.


It‘s Jo And Danny, Cover Sod, Erotic Dog, The Sunflower Band, The Cherry Pitts, Phil Gardner, Ben Blench, Bontakt, Anna Norlander, Luke Abbott, Kyran Lynn, MMC, Mike Lindsay (Tunng), Half Cousin, Woodworms, Sydney Mason (Zongamin), My Dark Aunt, Throwing Shapes Away, Wiqwar, Sue Tompkins, 4t(Rec)K, IC, Thin Controller, Kirsten Ketsjer, David Thomas Broughton, Le Tetsuo, One + One, Not A Number, Rude Pravo, Ben And Bruno, Mac Mccaughan (Superchunk, Merge), I Can I Can‘t, The End Springs, Semay Wu, The Matinee Orchestra

“...a delightful outpouring of outsider audiovisual art: like an episode of Vision On presented by Joseph Beuys....”

Adrian Shaughnessy, The Wire

BTSF 2006 exhibition room, with tresle tables, bunting and punters sitting listening at the listening posts. BTSF 2009 exhibition room, cetral column of artwork surrounded by tables with listening posts. Bontakt playing on satge at the Spitz in Old Spittlefields Market for the first Spillage Fete Occasional Erotic Dog playing on stage at the Wilmington Arms in Clerkenwell for the 3rd Spillage Fete Occasional